Learn Dart Programming Language: Tutorials & Examples

Dart is C-style, open-source, general-purpose client-optimized programming language for faster applications on any platform.

Dart is optimized for user interface (UI) creation and provides high performance as well as productive development.

Dart programming language is developed by Google and it is used to develop applications for mobile, desktop, server, and web. Dart language can compile to the native code and JavaScript

Why to Learn Dart?

Why you should consider learning dart? Here are the FIVE most important key points:

  1. Open Source: Dart is an open source language & developers all around the world love open source.
  2. Easy to Learn: Simple English like syntax makes dart easy to learn. If you're coming from C/C++ background then you already know Dart. Just try it out.
  3. Backed by Tech Giants: Google, Alibaba, Adobe are already using dart in their production.
  4. Used by Flutter: Flutter allows you to build native cross-platform mobile (iOS & Andriod), web and desktop application with one code base and one programming language and that programming language is DART.
  5. Flexible & Ensures Productivity: Dart is a very flexible programming language. You can write the code that run anywhere without any limitations.
    Large collection of libraries, simple and clean syntax, rich sets of data types makes this language very productive.

These tutorials series cover the basics of dart programming language and will be quite helpful for all developers who want to develop applications in Dart & Flutter.

Dart Basics

Control Statement