Learn Numerical Methods: Algorithms, Pseudocodes & Programs

Numerical methods is basically a branch of mathematics in which problems are solved with the help of computer and we get solution in numerical form.

In other words those methods are numerical methods in which mathematical problems are formulated and solved with arithmetic operations and these arithmetic operations are carried out with the help of high level programming language like C, C++, Python, Matlab etc on computer.

Numerical Computing: Numerical computing is an approach of solving complex mathematical problems which can not be solved easily by analytical mathematics by using simple arithmetic operations and which requires development, analysis and use of an algorithm along with some computing tools.

In this course we are going to formulate algorithms, pseudocodes and implement different methods available in numerical analysis using different programming languages like C, C++, MATLAB, Python etc.

Bisection Method

Regula Falsi (False Position) Method

Newton Raphson Method

Secant Method

Fixed Point Iteration

Gauss Elimination

Gauss Jordan Method

Matrix Inverse Using Gauss Jordan

Power Method

Jacobi Iteration Method

Gauss Seidel Iteration Method


Curve Fitting

Numerical Differentiation

Numerical Integration

Ordinary Differential Equation