Dart Keywords

In Dart programming languages keywords are categorized as Reserved Words, Contextual Keywords, Built-in Identifiers Words, and Keywords for Asynchrony Support.

Kewords in programming language are those words whose meaning is already defined to compiler or interpreter. These are also known as reserved words.

Keywords in dart are:

1. Reserved Words

Reserved Words: These are main keywords in dart and they are: assert, break, case, catch, class, const, continue, default, do, else, enum, extends, false, final, finally, for, if, in, is, new, null, rethrow, return, super, switch, this, throw, true, try, var, void, while, with

2. Contextual Keywords

Contextual Keywords: These Keywords have meaning only in specific places. They’re valid identifiers everywhere. Contextual Keywords are: async, hide, on, show, sync

3. Built-in Identifier Words

Built-in Identifier Words: These are used to simplify the task of porting JavaScript code to Dart, these keywords are valid identifiers in most places, but they can’t be used as class or type names, or as import prefixes. These words are: abstract, as, covariant, deferred, dynamic, export, extension, external, factory, function, get, implements, import, interface, library, mixin, operator, part, set, static, typedef

4. keywords for Asynchrony Support

Keywords for Asynchrony Support: These are newer, limited reserved words related to the asynchrony support. And these keywords are: await, yield