Average of Elements in Array Using User Defined Function in C

Question: Write a program in C to read an array containing n numbers and find average of numbers using user defined function.

Average of Array Elements Using User Defined Function


/* Function prototype */
float average(float a[100], int n);

int main()
 float a[100], res;
 int i, n;
 printf("Enter n:\n");
 scanf("%d", &n);
 /* Reading array */
 for(i=0;i< n;i++)
  scanf("%f", &a[i]);
 /* Function Call */
 res = average(a,n);
 printf("Average = %f", res);
 return 0;
/* Function definition */
float average(float a[10], int n)
 int i;
 float sum=0.0;
 for(i=0;i< n;i++)
  sum = sum + a[i];