C Program to Display Value & Address of Variable of Type Float Using Pointer

Question: write a program in C to display value and address of normal variable of type float using pointer.

C Source Code: Display Value & Address Using Pointer


int main()
    /* Declaration of normal & pointer variable */
    float var, *ptr;
    /* Setting some value to normal variable */
    var = 23.32;
    /* Pointer referencing */
    ptr = &var;
    /* Displaying value and address */
    printf("Address of var without using pointer = %u\n", &var);
    printf("Value of var = %f\n", *ptr);
    printf("Address of var using pointer = %u\n", ptr);

    return 0;


The output of the above program is:

Address of var without using pointer = 6422036
Value of var = 23.320000
Address of var using pointer = 6422036