C Program to Read Records of Three Students in Structure & Displaying Details

Question: Write a program in C to read records of three different students in structure having member name, roll and marks, and display the details.

C Source Code: Read Records of Three Student in Structure


/* Declaration of structure */
struct student
 char name[30];
 int roll;
 float marks;

int main()
 /* Declaration of array of structure */
 struct student s[3];
 int i;
 for(i=0;i< 3;i++)
  printf("Enter name, roll and marks of student:\n");
  scanf("%s%d%f",s[i].name, &s[i].roll, &s[i].marks);
 printf("Inputted details are:\n");
 for(i=0;i< 3;i++)
  printf("Name: %s\n",s[i].name);
  printf("Roll: %d\n", s[i].roll);
  printf("Marks: %0.2f\n\n", s[i].marks);
 return 0;


The output of the above program is:

Enter name, roll and marks of student:
Manjari ↲
17 ↲
80.5 ↲
Enter name, roll and marks of student:
Monalisa ↲
18 ↲
90 ↲
Enter name, roll and marks of student:
Manita ↲
19 ↲
78 ↲
Inputted details are:
Name: Manjari
Roll: 17
Marks: 80.50

Name: Monalisa
Roll: 18
Marks: 90.00

Name: Manita
Roll: 19
Marks: 78.00

Note: ↲ represents ENTER key is pressed.