Learn Python Programming Language

Coding has become the new literacy for 21st century. Everyone in the 21st century will have to learn to code.

So, what is coding? Coding is basically writing instructions which can be understood by computers to accomplish certain task. Task can be anything like generating prime numbers, sending email to all employee in the organization whose email addresses are stored in excel sheet, detecting human face in given image to auto tagging person in Facebook post by recognizing face from uploaded photo.

Learning to code increases your productivity and it is still a fun creative skill. To code, we need to know programming languages. Programming languages are basic building block for creating software.

Programming languages allow us to write code (instructions) which can be processed or understood by computer.

This course uses the python programming language. Python programming language is the best first language to learn because it has simple elegant syntax and gentle learning curve (you can write and understand python code quickly and easily).

Many universities all over the world are switching their computer science syllabus (curriculum) away from C programming language and Java programming language to Python.

Python is powerful programming language used in the real world applications. Big companies like Google, NASA, Yahoo uses python for various task.

More About Python

Python is free, open source and cross-platform programming language.

  1. Free, meaning, you don't have to buy it to use.
  2. Open source, meaning, original source code is made freely available and people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible.
  3. Cross-platform, meaning, it runs on multiple platforms like Linux, MacOS, Windows and other platforms.

Python Installation

To get started with python, go to site python.org and go to download section. There are two version of python, python 2 and python 3. Download python interpreter software for latest stable software for python 3 for your operating system.

Based on operating system, Linux, Windows, MacOs that you’re working with, software and installation process is different. So, we encourage you to follow installation guide provided in python.org.

While installing python interpreter software, it comes with editor software called IDLE, where you type your python language code and run. After installation launch IDLE code editor.

Your First Python Program

In the editor, after >>> now type print('Welcome to Python!'), i.e.


print('Welcome to Python!')


Welcome to Python!

With this welcome message Codesansar welcomes you to your python journey :)

Never stop learning! Now check this example: Python Program to Add Two Numbers