Python Program to Find Sum of Two Numbers

In this python example, we first read two number from user using built-in function input(). Since function input() returns string value, we need to convert them to number type. And then given numbers are added simply by + operator.

Python Program to Add Numbers

# Python program to find
# sum of two numbers

# Reading two numbers
number1 = input('Enter first number: ')
number2 = input('Enter second number: ')

# Converting to float
# Conversion is required because
# input() function return string
number1 = float(number1)
number2 = float(number2)

# Addition
result = number1 + number2

# Displaying result
print('Sum of %0.2f and %0.2f is %0.2f' % (number1, number2, result))


Enter first number: 12.23
Enter second number: 23.45
Sum of 12.23 and 23.45 is 35.68