Gauss Jordan Method Algorithm

In linear algebra, Gauss Jordan Method is a procedure for solving systems of linear equation. It is also known as Row Reduction Technique. In this method, the problem of systems of linear equation having n unknown variables, matrix having rows n and columns n+1 is formed. This matrix is also known as Augmented Matrix. After forming n x n+1 matrix, matrix is transformed to diagonal matrix by row operations. Finally result is obtained by making all diagonal element to 1 i.e. identity matrix.

Algorithm for Gauss Jordan Method

1. Start

2. Read Number of Unknowns: n

3. Read Augmented Matrix (A) of n by n+1 Size

4. Transform Augmented Matrix (A) 
   to Diagonal Matrix by Row Operations.

5. Obtain Solution by Making All Diagonal Elements to 1.

6. Display Result.

7. Stop

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