Bisection Method Disadvantages (Drawbacks)

In Numerical analysis (methods), Bisection method is one of the simplest and convergence guarenteed method for finding real root of non-linear equations. Although it's convergence is guranteed, it has slow rate of convergence.

In this article, we are going to discuss various drawbacks of Bisection method. Bisection method has following demerits:

  1. Slow Rate of Convergence: Although convergence of Bisection method is guaranteed, it is generally slow.
  2. Choosing one guess close to root has no advantage: Choosing one guess close to the root may result in requiring many iterations to converge.
  3. Can not find root of some equations. For example: f(x) = x2 as there are no bracketing values.
  4. It has linear rate of convergence.
  5. It fails to determine complex roots.
  6. It can not be applied if there are discontinuities in the guess interval.
  7. It can not be applied over an interval where the function takes values of the same sign.