Bisection Method Advantages

In Numerical analysis (methods), Bisection method is one of the simplest, convergence guarenteed method to find real root of non-linear equations.

Bisection method also known as Bolzano or Half Interval or Binary Search method has following merits or benefits:

  1. Convergence is guarenteed: Bisection method is bracketing method and it is always convergent.
  2. Error can be controlled: In Bisection method, increasing number of iteration always yields more accurate root.
  3. Does not involve complex calculations: Bisection method does not require any complex calculations. To perform Bisection method, all we need is to calculate average of two numbers.
  4. Guaranteed error bound: In this method, there is a guaranteed error bound, and it decreases with each successive iteration. The error bound decreases by ½ with each iteration.
  5. Bisection method is very simple and easy to program in computer.
  6. Bisection method is fast in case of multiple roots.
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