Regula Falsi or False Position Method Pseudocode

Table of Contents

False position method is bracketing method for finding real root of non-linear equations. This article covers pseudocode for False Position method for finding real root of a given function. False position method is also known as Regula-Falsi method.

Pseudocode for False Position Method

1. Start

2. Define function f(x)

3. Input 
	a. Lower and Upper guesses x0 and x1
	b. tolerable error e
4. If f(x0)*f(x1) > 0
	print "Incorrect initial guesses"
   	goto 3
   End If
5. Do

	x2 = x0 - ((x0-x1) * f(x0))/(f(x0) - f(x1))
	If f(x0)*f(x2) < 0
		x1 = x2
		x0 = x2
	End If
   While abs(f(x2) > e
6. Print root as x2

7. Stop