Newton Raphson (NR) Method Pseudocode

Table of Contents

Newton Raphson method is an open method for finding real root of non-linear equations. This article covers pseudocode for Newton Raphson method for finding real root of a given non-linear function.

Pseudocode for Newton Raphson Method

1. Start

2. Define function as f(x)

3. Define derivative of function as g(x)

4. Input:
	a. Initial guess x0 
	b. Tolerable Error e
	c. Maximum Iteration N

5. Initialize iteration counter step = 1

6. Do 
	If g(x0) = 0
		Print "Mathematical Error"
	End If

	x1 = x0 - f(x0) / g(x0)
	x0 = x1
	step = step + 1
	If step > N
		Print "Not Convergent"
	End If

   While abs f(x1) > e 

7. Print root as x1

8. Stop