Why C is Considered as Middle Level Language?

C is considered as middle level language because it bridges the gap between low level programming language and high level programming language by providing features of both high level and low level language.

C can be used to write both system software and application software. Middle level language are closely related to low level language as well as high level language.

C programming language is considered middle level language because of it's low level features as well as high level features:

Low level features of C language

  1. C programming language supports low level inline assembly language programs.
  2. Using low level inline assembly feature of C we can directly access system register.
  3. C programming supports bit level programming which means we can modify and manipulate in bit level while programming.
  4. Using pointer, we can directly access memory. Which allows us to dynamic memory allocation.

High level features of C language

  1. Program written in C are machine independent and thus portable.
  2. Rich set of built-in functions, data types and operators.
  3. High level constructs like if-else, do-while etc.
  4. C is more user friendly and syntaxes approaches to English like language.