Applications of C Language

Initially, C language was used for developing operating systems but in recent years C has been used as general purpose language because of its popularity.

C programming language still runs the world and it can be used for various purposes. learning C makes your programming fundamentals very strong and you can influence the programmer all over the world. Some important applications of C language might be in the development of:

  1. Operating Systems: Yes! operating system !! you read it right !!!
    Using C programming language you can write your own operating system. Most popular operating systems like Microsoft's Windows kernel, Linux kernel and Apple's OS X kernel are mostly written in C language.
  2. Language Compilers:Compilers are computer program which are used to translate high level language to machine language. Most of modern programming language compilers are made in C language. Even part of C compiler is written in C language. There is one popular line about this: C language is written in C language and C compiler is used to compile C language :).
  3. Language Interpreters:Interpreters are also computer program used to translate high level language to machine language. You can use C language to create language interpreters. Different programming language interpreters like Python Interpreter, MATLAB Interpreter etc. are written in C language.
  4. Assemblers: Assemblers are computer program which are used to translate Assembly Language to Machine Language. GNU Assembler is written in C.
  5. Text Editors: Different text editors like Vim, gedit are written in C language.
  6. Drivers: C programming language is used to write different driver software like Network driver, Keyboard driver, Mouse driver etc.
  7. Database Programs: The world's most popular database softwares including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc are written in C language.
  8. Embedded systems: In our day to day life we use different embedded system. Embedded systems like Coffee Maker, Microwave, Climate control Systems etc are most likely programmed in C language.