Python Program to Find Sum of First & Last Digit of Number

This Python program calculates sum of first and last digit of a given number.

In this program, we first read number from user. Then we reverse it using [::-1]. After reversing, we convert both number & reverse to integer using int() function. first_digit is obtained by reverse%10 and last_digit is obtained by number%10. Finally we calculate sum of first & last digit to get final result.

Python Source Code: Sum of First & Last Digit

# Sum of first & last digit

# Reading number
number  = input("Enter number: ")

# Reversing number
reverse = number[::-1]

# Converting number and its reverse to integer
number = int(number)
reverse = int(reverse)

# Finding first digit
first_digit = reverse % 10

# Finding last digit
last_digit = number % 10

# Finding sum
total_sum = first_digit + last_digit

# Displaying sum
print("Sum of first & last digit of %d is %d" %(number, total_sum))


Enter number: 99975
Sum of first & last digit of 99975 is 14