Python Program to Check Validity of Triangle Given Three Angles

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This program checks whether given three angles of a triangle forms a valid triangle or not.

A triangle is valid if the sum of the three angles is equal to 180 degree and none of the angle is 0.

If a, b and c are three angles of triangle then following conditions must be satisfied for a valid triangle.

a + b + c = 180°

a ≠ 0

b ≠ 0

c ≠ 0

Python Source Code : Validity of Triangle Given Angles

# Validity of Triangle given angles

# Function definition to check validity
def is_valid_triangle(a,b,c):
    if a+b+c==180 and a!=0 and b!=0 and c!=0:
        return True
        return False

# Reading Three Angles
angle_a = float(input('Enter angle a: '))
angle_b = float(input('Enter angle b: '))
angle_c = float(input('Enter angle c: '))

# Function call & making decision
if is_valid_triangle(angle_a, angle_b, angle_c):
    print('Triangle is Valid.')
    print('Triangle is Invalid.')

Python Output: Validity of Triangle

Run 1:
Enter angle a: 78
Enter angle b: 12
Enter angle c: 89
Triangle is Invalid.

Run 2:
Enter angle a: 60
Enter angle b: 60
Enter angle c: 60
Triangle is Valid.