Python Program to Find Surface Area of Cone

This Python program calculates surface area of cone given radius and height.

Surface area of cone calculated by using following formula:

A = πr ( r + √(r2 + h2) )

Python Source Code: Cone Area

To find surface area of cone, in this Python program, we first read radius and height of cone from user and then we apply above formula.

# Objective: Python program to calculate surface area of cone
# Author: Codesansar

# importing math to use sqrt() function
import math

# Reading radius
radius = float(input("Enter radius of cone: "))

# Reading height
height = float(input("Enter height of cone: "))

# Calculating surface area of cone
area = 3.141592 * radius * (radius + math.sqrt(radius*radius + height*height))

# Displaying area
print("Surface area = ", area)


Enter radius of cone: 8
Enter height of cone: 12
Surface area =  563.531361362799